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If you are looking for friendly, experienced and competent technicians to help you with Computer, Tablet and Smartphone issues, then Go Tech is who you need. Our rates are affordable and we will not baffle you with nonsense. We will do our absolute best to explain what is wrong and what is needed to get your device working again without confusing you. And we do not want to just fix your devices. We want you to help you get the most out of your desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and smartphones so you can become more efficient, organised, and have more fun. We also provide web design and super fast web hosting services as well as EFTOPS and Point of Sale systems.

One Hour Express Phone and Tablet Repair
Got a broken screen, dead battery, broken home button or broken charging port on your tablet or smartphone? Book in with us and we can have it back to you in an hour. Visit the mobile device page for more information.

Services Provided

  • Assessment
    We assess every problem fully and tell you what is wrong before we complete any work. That way you are not surprised by your final invoice.
  • Advice
    Do you want to purchase a new device but are not sure what to get? Do you want to buy a new piece of hardware or software but are not sure if it will work on your computer? Do you want to change your Internet Service Provider but are not sure where to go? Do you want to spend money on upgrading your computer but are not sure how to go about it? We can help you with all these questions and more.
  • Setup and Installation
    If you have bought a new computer, smartphone, tablet, piece of hardware or software and need help getting it set up, we can help.
  • Broken Screens
    If you have broken the screen on your laptop, smartphone or tablet then Go Tech is who you need.
  • Custom Build Tower Desktops
    Superb fast tower desktop computers built with the best quality components.
  • Security and Backup Software
    Go Tech are proud to be resellers for ESET's superb anti-virus and security software, as well as Carbonite's fully automated online backup service.
  • Transferring Files to a New Computer
    If you have just bought a new computer, we can transfer all of your old files, pictures, email messages and addresses to it from your old computer.
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
    Even with an up to date scanner, some viruses and spyware are too tough to be removed without specialist knowledge. We can remove most infections very efficiently with minimal cost.
  • Data Recovery
    Your computer might be showing error messages, beeping, failing to go into Windows, or not even turning on at all, but this does not necessarily mean that your precious data is lost. We have equipment that lets us read your computer's hard drive independently of your computer and, if possible, recover your files.
  • Fixing Operating System and Software Problems
    Your device's operating system and other software can sometimes start producing strange error messages. We can fix these for you.
  • Improve Ease of Use and Speed
    As programs are installed in Windows over the course of a computer's lifetime, a lot of junk can build up. These files can slow your system down and/or make it more difficult to use. A cleanup does not take long and can really make a difference to your computer and make using it a much more pleasant experience.
  • Replace Faulty Computer Hardware
    Sometimes error messages can indicate hardware problems, as can unusual noises or unusually high heat from the computer and other strange behaviour. We can advise you what the problem is and, if suitable replacement parts are available and affordable, fix it for you.
  • Web Design and Hosting
    We can help you get online with a simple, attractice and easy to use website where you have full control over the content. We also have a super fast web hosting server for you to use.

Go Tech's Philosophy

It is our philosophy that computers, smartphones and tablets can be a great benefit to people and businesses. It all depends on how you use them, and some basic common sense knowledge. The good news is you do not need our level of knowledge and experience to ensure that most of the time your device will not be a constant source of problems, but a valuable asset. Follow Go Tech on Facebook or Twitter to get free tips to help you towards this goal. And when you see or suspect problems, act on them and ask for help. One-off errors happen sometimes. Constant repeats of the same problem means something is wrong, and failing to act can sometimes lead to more expensive damage. A call to me and $40.00 is all it takes to get a problem assessed.

To learn more about Go Tech, visit the About page.

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