Web DesignWeb Design and Hosting

Go Tech can provide you with affordable web design and hosting services. We aim to create clean, simple and good looking websites. Additionally, your site can be powered by Web Tech, an easy to use system that allows you to edit your website's content. Many web designers offer similiar systems, but not many of those designers actually created that system themselves. We have developed Web Tech ourselves over the course of many years. If you experience any problems you can contact us and know they will be dealt with swiftly. Designers offering a solution they did not create cannot offer this.

Photography and Videography

We have a good quality still camera and can assist with taking photos of your premises, products or staff. We can also plan, shoot and create simple promotional videos suitable for websites. Video has been practical for a long time now, but does not seem to have penetrated onto websites as a promotional tool. It is time to change that.


And of course, this website itself was designed by us.

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