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Go Tech is proud to be resellers for ESET's anti-virus and security products including the well-known NOD32. Prices for Windows computers start from $75.00 inc. GST per year for a single computer. Great deals are available for multiple devices. There are numerous packages available for Windows, Mac and Android devices for home and business users. Contact us on 027 285 1859 or call into the shop at 65 Mackay Street in Greymouth to discuss your requirements. Otherwise keep reading and I will discuss ESET's history and why good quality anti-virus is so important.

A Couple of Honest Facts
First, it has to be said - no anti-virus system is ever going to be 100% perfect. Unfortunately, they are always playing catchup, relying upon what they are told or find out about the latest infections. Second, there are some free systems out there as well. So why would you go with a paid system like those from ESET? Simply put, you get what you pay for. Some free systems are better than others but at the end of the day, they do not have the kind of advanced development behind them the paid systems do.

Can You Get Away with a Free System?
The honest answer to that is... maybe. However, recently a new type of software nuisance has made them less viable. This is the Potentially Unwanted Program, or PUP for short. This is a piece of software that installs like a proper app, usually through some form of trickery. It is not an infection in the traditional sense, but it is so invasive and annoying that it becomes perhaps more of an impedance to your computer than the average infection does. I have yet to see any free system deal with them in an effective manner. ESET's software not only does but also features high end heuristic analysis, which is a fancy term for it can often recognise infections even if it does not know what they are simply by analysing the behaviour of the offending bit of software.

You may also be thinking "I have been using free anti-virus xyz for years without a problem". That might be true. However, not all infections let you know that they are there. Not all of them actively disrupt your computer with data damage, crashes, poor performance and unwanted ads on webpages. The worst kind are those that sit in the background, not giving off a sign of their presence, while capturing your keystrokes. This means you may be inadvertently sending your usernames and passwords for things like Email and Internet Banking to criminals.

Why Should I Trust ESET Software?
ESET's security software is the culmination of over 25 years of development. Their products are well known and respected all throughout the industry. Additionally, it is tremendously efficient in it's design. A number of other paid systems such as Trend and McAffee are very prone to using too much of your computer's resources which has a flow on effect and slows your computer down.

So in summation, no anti-virus system is perfect but especially with it's heuristic analysis ability and experienced development team, ESET's products come close. Call 027 285 1859 or come to our shop at 65 Mackay Street in Greymouth to discuss the best package for your needs.

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