Legal Disclosures, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimers

For the purposes of this document, device refers to any desktop computer, laptop computer, phone, tablet or other electronic device bought to Go Tech for repair.

Security and Insurance
While under Go Tech's care, your devices are fully covered by our business insurance against damage or loss due to unexpected circumstances such as earthquake, fire and theft. Additionally, our premises is monitored by three security cameras all with nightvision, motion detection and off-site recording. Additionally the premises is fully alarmed.

Original Device Warranty
If your device is under warranty, please tell us first! The device should be returned to the place of purchase for repair. Software issues are not covered under warranty generally so we can help you with those. It is important to realise that while a device is under warranty, if third party technicians like ourselves open up your device, any remaining warranty you have will likely be lost. While we will usually ask if we suspect not only a hardware issue but that your device is still under warranty before proceeding with the repair. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to inform us of this. We will not be held responsible for lost warranties if you failed to inform us. Note: this  often does not apply in the event of user caused damaged which usually invalidates the warranty anyway.

Payment Terms
All repairs are payment on collection of device unless otherwise agreed upon prior to commencing the repair. Certain parts may need to be paid for in advance if they have to be special ordered, with the labour charge being payable upon completion of the job and collection of the device. Due to the high cost of parts and their made to order nature, custom built desktops must be paid for in advance as well. In both of these cases, printed invoices will be supplied as proof of purchase. Any accessories or other retail products are also payment on collection.

Data Safety
While we will do everything in our power to protect your device and the data it contains, sometimes things go wrong. This might include theft, damage due to something such as a fire or earthquake, unexpected failure unrelated to the task being performed, or it being bought to us already in a state where retrieval of data is not possible. For example, your computer's hard drive might fail while being worked on for an unrelated matter, or your phone might be water damaged to the point where the contents of it's storage are inaccessible.

If things go wrong, we will do everything we can to get your data back. But as the user, it is your responsibility to ensure your data is backed up. Go Tech will not be held responsible for data loss of any kind under any circumstances. If you need help with backing up your device, please ask us for advice!

Your Privacy
In the course of repairing your device, it is possible that depending upon the exact nature of the repair, we may see some of the content on the device. For example, if we repair a problem with your browser, we may see your bookmarks/favourites and browsing history. If you have a problem with your email program, we may see a list of messages you have been sent. If we are checking for the safe backup of files, we may see file names, folder names, and thumbnails of photos and videos. If we are performing advanced data recovery, we may have to actually look at some files to assess if the recovery process has been successful. We do our best to avoid it, but in the course of some jobs it simply cannot be helped. Go Tech promises that any of your content we observe will be kept in the strictest confidence and never divulged to a third party. However, if evidence of obvious wrongdoing is observed (eg: child pornography), Go Tech will contact police immediately.

Unexpected Failure of Device or Components of Device
Go Tech will not be held responsible for unexpected additional failures that might occur while working on a device or after a device has been returned to the customer unless it was clearly due to an error by one of our technicians or a faulty component (does not include secondhand components - see below).

Secondhand Components
Secondhand components are sometimes used during repairs if the customer gives consent to their use. Such components are provided with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. While we make every effort to test them and ensure they are of acceptable quality, Go Tech will not be held responsible for any consequences that may result of their use.

Guarantee of Service
If you have paid for work that later proves to have not fixed the originally described problem, Go Tech will put it right at no cost to you except the cost of any new parts that might be needed. Parts already paid for that subsequently prove faulty will be replaced without question and at no cost to the customer if it is within that particular part's warranty period (ask at the time of repair). Unrelated problems that surface after a repair are not covered by this guarantee.

If a repair proves insufficient to resolve a problem and subsequent attempts prove unsuccessful at resolving the problem, a full refund will be offered either as bank transfer or service credit. To get a refund, the customer must definitively demonstrate the problem has not been resolved, and we have to have the chance to see if it can be put right first. Additionally, parts used in the failed repair (if any) must be returned to Go Tech for possible return to the supplier or later reuse.

Refunds will not be given on obviously successful repairs, laptops (faults will be repaired under warranty), on custom built desktops (faulty components will be replaced if under warranty at no cost to the customer but an otherwise functioning desktop will not be refunded), or recurring services (such as web hosting, anti-virus subscriptions or online backup subscriptions). Refunds will also not be given on parts the customer has paid for in advance but the job has not yet been completed or the job is completed but the customer has yet to pay for labour. The exceptions to this last one is if a part is paid for and ordered, but some failure prevents it from being delivered, or if the part proves insufficient to resolve the problem and further work proves unviable.

Picking Up Devices
It is important that when dropping off your device for repair that you give us at least one form of correct contact. A work, friend or family member's phone number will suffice in the case of phones. Additionally, you are expected to respond to messages or calls to collect your device in a timely manner. If you are having trouble getting the money to pay or will not be in right away, please tell us. Do not ignore our messages. If a device is with us for longer than six months and we cannot reach you even after at least ten attempts during that time, Go Tech reserves the right to dispose of the device to clear storage space and/or use parts of it in an attempt to recoup costs of the repair. If it comes to this, Go Tech will give three final warnings over the course of a two week period in either email, text message, or voicemail form depending on available contact options. If the device is to be disposed of, your personal data will be erased to protect your privacy if it is possible for us to do so.

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