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Carbonite is a fully automatic online backup service. It all but removes the possibility of you ever losing your precious files due to hard drive failure or unexpected disaster. Prices start at $95.00 inc. GST per year. This works for most people. Other packages are available. Contact us on 027 285 1859 or come into the shop at 65 Mackay Street for a full assessment. Keep reading though if you want more detail on how Carbonite works, why backup is needed, and why online backup is a superior choice to other forms of backup.

Why Do I Need to Backup?
Let us be 100% plain. Hard drives, both external and the one inside your compouter, cannot and should not be trusted completely. You need to backup. To fail to do so is the computer equivalent of not changing the oil in your car - sooner or later, you will pay the price. And that price will be your precious files - valuable business documents, cherised family photos, your personal contacts, potentially all gone when your hard drive fails or your computer is stolen or damaged. You need two copies of everything precious, with each copy being on a distinct device.

But My Computer is Only X Years Old??
It does not matter how old the hard drive is. At Go Tech, we have seen hard drives last ten years or more, and we have also seen them last two days. No one can predict when a given hard drive will fail. There is no clear relationship between age and the amount of use it has had that can be relied upon. The only thing that could said with certainty is that a hard drive that is older than three years old has done well and is at a greater risk of failure than one younger than that.

When a hard drive dies, the wear and tear usually happens in the area where Windows files are stored because they are accessed all the time. This means that in the event of a failure, we are usually able to get back all or some of a customer's files. However, complete catastrophic failure where nothing can be saved happens in perthaps three out of every ten cases.

How Carbonite Can Help
Carbonite is a fully automatic online backup system. It monitors you computer constantly, and when it detects new or changed files, it encrypts them and uploads them to the Carboninte servers. You never have to do a thing and best of all, it is off site. So even if some tragedy befell your home such as fire, you would not lose your precious files. Just reinstall Carbonite on a new computer, and it starts downloading your files. You can log into their website at any time and view and download your files. You can even install an app on your Smartphone to access them anywhere you have Internet access. The same app will even back up your phone's files for no extra charge. It also does versioning, where it saves up to five copies of a given file. So if you make a mistake and want an older version, you can get that back too. Finally, it will keep deleted files for 30 days, so if you make a mistake and delete something important you can still get it back.

Is It Safe?
Because the files are encrypted, any would be data thief would need to crack that encryption to view your files, which is incredibly unlikely. They are unlikely to try as they do not care about your photos, general documents and the like. They want data they can exploit for financial gain, and breaking into Carbonite's servers, decrypting the data and then scanning through all countless gigabytes of it is not very smart and efficient way to do it. You are far more likely to have someone you do not want looking at your files due to a simple burglary.

Contact us on 027 285 1859 or come into the shop at 65 Mackay Street for a full assessment of your needs.

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