Fast Web Hosting for Your Business

Go Tech has a fast web hosting server right here in New Zealand. It is modern, up to date and carefully monitored by our server administrator. This site itself is hosted on it, so you can see for yourself just how quick it is. Fast servers are a must in this day and age. They give your customers quick responses to their page requests, and you get fast results when working with web based apps, improving productivity.


The Go Tech web hosting server has been performing well recently with a lot of new clients. I am keen to establish more customers on the server, so I am offering the following deal.

  • Free setup.
  • First month free.
  • Two month guarantee. If within the first two months you are dissatisifed with the Go Tech web hosting service, I will personally help establish your site with another hosting provider at no cost to you.

Note: all sites are subject to acceptance to guarantee they can be transferred easily to the Go Tech server. Some sites, such as those with a large number of pages powered by a content management system, or eCommerce sites, cannot easily be moved to other hosting. They likely still can run on the Go Tech server but considerably more effort might be needed to transfer them. A setup fee will apply in these cases, but you will still get the first month free and service guarantee.

Hosting Account Features

  • Unlimited disc space and bandwidth *
  • Up to ten email accounts
  • Unlimited email forwards
  • MySQL database support
  • PHP server side scripting support

* Unlimited within reason. Most sites do not use or need many resources so it is very unlikely to be an issue for you. Excessively high bandwidth and space usage may result in greater monthly fees.

Update the Site Yourself
The Go Tech server also hosts our Content Management System Web Tech. Content Management, or CMS, is basically a fancy way of saying tools with which you can edit your wesbite yourself (if it is built or updated to be Web Tech compatible). Web Tech has a unique architecture compared to the other CMSs you can find online. It uses a centralised codebase to power all of the Web Tech compatible sites on the Go Tech server. It is not installed on a per site basis. This means that everyone gets new features and bug fixes straight away. Sites need to either built from the ground up with Web Tech in mind, or converted. Most sites can be converted over but the amount of time and therefore cost varies from site to site.

Plans and Pricing

  • Non-Profits, Charities and Clubs: $10.00 per month.
  • Businesses: $18.00 per month.
  • eCommerce Sites: $30.00 per month.

Prices are ex. GST.

Web Hosting Directory

Below is a list of sites currently hosted by Go Tech. Note that not all of these were designed by us.

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