Web Hosting Terms and Conditions

Resource Usage
Go Tech's hosting accounts come with unlimited space and bandwith but within reason. A fair use policy applies. Excessive resource use may result in an increase in monthly fees. If this happens, the customer will be informed first.

Acceptable Use
The Go Tech server may not be used for any of the following...

  • The promotion, or be used in, illegal activities.
  • Pornography.
  • The distribution of copyrighted material including but not limited to music, movies, images and text.
  • The sending of unsolicited email (spam).

Evidence of illegal activites may result in the relevant authorities being contacted. Go Tech reserves the right to immediately suspend sites that violate these acceptable use rules.

Server Stability and Security
The customer may use their server account to host their website and pre-approved web apps. However, if anything loaded onto the customer's account compromises the security and/or stability of the server, Go Tech reserves the right to shut it down without notice.

If the customer wishes to cancel, they need to notify Go Tech, as there is no immediately obvious way for us to know the website is hosted elsewhere. Failure to do this will result in the continued issue of invoices for hosting. A customer may cancel at any time. Any outstanding invoices issued at that time will still be payable. No refunds will be issued for already paid invoices.

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