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Web Design and Hosting

Go Tech can provide you with affordable web design and hosting services. We aim to create clean, simple and good looking websites. Additionally, your site will be powered by Web Tech, an easy to use system that allows you to edit your website's content. Many web designers offer similiar systems, but not many of those designers actually created that system themselves. We have developed Web Tech ourselves over the course of many years. If you experience any problems you can contact us and know they will be dealt with swiftly. Designers offering a solution they did not create cannot offer this.

Our designs are created from scratch by hand coding. We are not simply on-selling templates. Hand coding results in clean and fast loading sites that are less likely to render incorrectly in different browsers. All sites are tested on the three big Windows browsers - Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome - as well as on MacOS Safari, iPhones and Android phones to ensure maximum compatibility.

Fast Web Hosting for Your Business

Go Tech has a fast web hosting server right here in New Zealand. It is modern, up to date and carefully monitored by our server administrator. This site itself is hosted on it, so you can see for yourself just how quick it is. Fast servers are a must in this day and age. They give your customers quick responses to their page requests, and you get fast results when working with web based apps, improving productivity. Google also considers speed when deciding on how well one of your pages is going to rank.

Plans and Pricing

Prices are per month and exclude GST.


And of course, this website itself was designed by us.

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